Choosing Customs Solutions for Your Business

James Plant

Efficient customs clearance is the key to unlocking seamless global trade for those engaged cross-border transactions.

Seamless customs clearance is of utmost importance for businesses looking to maintain a competitive edge. As trading with difference countries continues to evolve, particularly in the wake of Brexit, selecting the right customs solution and partner becomes increasingly critical.

We understand the complexities and challenges businesses face when it comes to customs clearance.

Let’s explore why choosing the right customs solution and partner is essential for your business success, with a focus on key incoterms and their benefits.

When choosing a customs solution, it isn’t one size fits all. It takes a logistics partner to understand your business. We recognise the importance of tailoring customs solutions to align with your unique business needs.

Our Solutions Consultants and Account Managers collaborate closely with you to comprehend your business operations and objectives. This collaborative approach enables us to craft bespoke customs solutions that streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

By leveraging incoterms such as Free Carrier (FCA), Delivered At Place (DAP), Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), and Ex-Works (EXW), we provide tailored solutions that suit your specific requirements.

For instance, FCA empowers you with control over freight movement and destination clearance, while DDP ensures hassle-free import VAT and duty payments. With Baxter Freight as your customs partner, you can enjoy the benefits of incoterms tailored to optimise your supply chain efficiency.

The aftermath of Brexit has introduced real challenges for businesses engaged in international trade. Flexibility and adaptability are crucial traits for customs solutions. Baxter Freight prides itself on its agility and versatility in navigating the post-Brexit landscape.

Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Gerlach, our customs solutions offer flexibility and resilience. With Gerlach’s extensive global presence and our in-house 24/7 support, we ensure seamless customs clearance regardless of regulatory changes.

Leveraging incoterms such as DAP and DDP, we empower businesses to navigate post-Brexit complexities with ease. DAP facilitates simplified export procedures, while DDP eliminates uncertainties by covering all import-related costs.

With Baxter Freight, you can count on flexible customs solutions designed to thrive in a post-Brexit era.

When choosing the right customs clearance option, it demands in-depth knowledge of local regulations and practices. We recognise the pivotal role of local expertise in delivering effective customs solutions.

Our partnership with Gerlach provides us with access to a global network of experienced specialists proficient in local customs laws.

By harnessing this localised knowledge, we expedite customs clearance, minimise delays, and ensure compliance with regulations. When you choose a partner that has a partner as well versed in customs as Gerlach, you gain access to localised expertise and incoterms tailored to streamline customs clearance.

Our dedicated customs team, based in-house, is ready to assist you around the clock, every day of the week.

Customs can be a tricky system to understand and get right. We have the all important know-how on keeping your goods moving across borders without delays.

It falls down to the customs team to meticulously review all the details provided by our customers before liaising with our esteemed global partner, Gerlach.

Working shoulder to shoulder with Gerlach, the leading provider of customs clearance, we ensure end to end clearance, so you can focus on your business – not the complicated world of customs.

In conclusion, choosing the right customs solution and partner is paramount for businesses seeking to thrive in today’s global marketplace. With Baxter Freight, you benefit from tailored customs solutions, flexibility in a post-Brexit landscape, and access to localised expertise. Let us be your trusted customs partner, guiding you through the intricacies of customs clearance with clarity and efficiency.

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Our levels of experience and reputation have enabled us to innovate quickly within the industry.

Baxter Freight has been operating and excelling in the UK and Europe for over a decade now. Our leadership has been leading the way in the logistics industry for a lot longer.

We have led the way as the UK went through Brexit and established ourselves as experts in working in Europe. 

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