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Dynamic, collaborative and enthusiastic; that’s us in a nutshell

Why don’t we dig a little deeper…

Every day we build strong connections

From our customers, suppliers, to our team, our continuous collaboration helps us to transport some of the wildest things you can imagine, partnering with huge global brands to access a worldwide market.

Our levels of experience and reputation have enabled us to innovate quickly within the industry, even leading us to become DHL’s UK Sales Partner. We do this by employing the greatest talent and creating a vibrant culture where we value experience, creativity and a healthy work life balance.

what are the special ingredients that make us, us?

Our values

You could say our secret recipe lies in our DNA, which is set out in our 4 core values – who we are as a team to be the best for our customers, our suppliers and each other.

We Own It

We take as much individual responsibility as we can. Our long-term success comes from listening, learning and constantly improving.

We are Creative

We continuously innovate and are tenacious in helping our customers, suppliers and each other to find the solution to achieve their goals.

We are Better Together

We have a friendly, open culture of collaboration with our customers, suppliers and each other, helping us to achieve the best results and overcome even the most difficult challenges.

We are Authentic

We do what we say. Being honest, straightforward and humble builds trust in everything we do.

The team behind the brand

We are the people people. The ones that make it all happen. Relationships start with a friendly face so let’s show you ours.

History in numbers

From there to here

Our home is in Nottingham, central to the UK and named as one of the best places to start a business. You’ll find us with our neighbours, Boots, one of the country’s most well-established and thriving brands.

What've we been up to...

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Join in. Work with us. Grow together.

How do we
'Own It'?

In 2019 we were awarded Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status – which may not sound a lot, but it’s kind of a big deal!

To achieve and maintain this globally recognised customs and security accreditation, each member of the team has to take ownership and demonstrate their commitment to working safely and securely.

How are we 'Creative'?

You have the goods, we have the solutions. Creating products is your passion, bringing them to life in ours.

From pumpkins to Christmas trees, raincoats to dinner plates – logistics is what brings this to life for the end customer. As the solutions architects we make it our business to move goods in the most efficient and effective way possible, powered by our creativity.

We don’t pretend to have a ‘one size fits all’ solution, we understand every business is unique – we work together to create the solution that fits you.

How are we 'Better Together'?

We all know two heads are better than one. But how about 1,000? Collaborating with others enables us to do so much more than we would alone.

Our network of over 1,000 suppliers brings together the best logistics expertise in the world and by looking to customs experts like Gerlach we can unlock exciting combinations of expertise to deliver truly bespoke solutions never seen before.

How are we 'Authentic'?

From day one, it was the ambition of our founders, Ian and Peter to build a company with authenticity at the very heart.

“We work hard every day, to be honest, straightforward and humble – building long term relationships with our customers, suppliers and our team, based on trust. ”

Ian Baxter