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Whatever kind of storage solution you need – and for however long you need it – our agile approach leads to unique options for both B2B and B2C businesses.

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Your supply chain stability and health relies on effective warehousing and storage solutions.

Storing excess stock, exhibition equipment lying about the office or need an emergency warehouse – we have the right warehousing solution for you.

Why use our Warehousing & Storage Solutions?

Different types available

Emergency, Temporary & Long-Term storage available.

Delay payments

Help cash flow and delay customs payments by storing your goods before they’re needed.

Our industry solutions

Our experience in lots of industries adds value to your supply chain to provide you with a competitive advantage, ensuring your brand promise is delivered, consistently.

Well connected

Distribution hubs and fulfilment centres where you need, when you need them.

Safe & secure

A safe and secure way to store your shipments.

This allows the goods to be held for 90 days.

Thereafter, goods must be customs cleared (and VAT and duties be paid) or be re-exported.

Goods are stored under customs control until duties and taxes are paid. This is most often used for goods where the taxes are high, including high value goods, alcohol and tobacco.

Goods can only be moved out of the warehouse in two circumstances: Duty paid, customs cleared into free circulation & if more documents are needed to move into a different facility.

This is a way of suspending VAT and duty payments for imports which will later be exported – such as importing parts used to make a new product.

If the parts are in a final product which will be exported from the UK within 6 months:

With an IPR number: the importer does not have to pay duty on the goods.

Without an IPR number: if there is documentation to prove this, the duty can be paid on deposit and refunded when proof of export is provided.

This is similar to inward processing relief – except it’s used when you export something, which will later be re-imported.

Transfer shipment from one warehouse to another.

Must move with appropriate documentation including guarantee.

This moves the liability and responsibility to a new warehouse, meaning the new warehouse bond holder now has the duty liability.

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