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Aviate is the air freight solution when speed and security are your priority for air cargo of all shapes, sizes and types: we’ll help you take to the skies with expert, long-haul care.

How can Aviate work for you?

Global Network

Gain access to a comprehensive global network and take advantage of our close supplier relationships.

IATA Member

Connect safely, securely and efficiently, to all parts of the aviation network, through global standards.

Efficiency of shipments

Give your urgent shipments the priority they need with our flexible, unique & tailored options.

Vastly experienced team

Versatile industry experience for rapid solutions to any issue that can arise. Keeping your goods moving and supply chains intact.


Globally recognised industry standard procedures with full tracking ensuring the safety your goods.

Global reach

Global demands can change overnight, which can put pressure and strain on your supply chain.

To ensure your air freight arrives safely, on time, and on budget, we work with our vast network of carefully chosen carriers and worldwide partners – allowing you to plan with certainty and visibility.

Service coverage

No matter how complex or obscure, whether its general cargo or more obscure, moving your freight by air is a dependable solution for when time is of the essence.

Our access to regular flights with major carriers provide you the flexibility to adjust your shipping schedule and optimise your supply chain.

Speak with our Aviate consultants today to find out about our array of options available.

We're well connected

Being part of the Pangea/Connecta and Conqueror freight and logistics networks allows us to connect to partners overseas.

With agents in all main airports and seaports worldwide, the collaboration between member companies allows us to gain competitiveness on the present market but also ensure we meet the highest standards of service quality and professionalism.

Here’s how we make it work for Electrosonic

  • Planning & mapping delivery from Dartford to San Francisco
  • 50 pallets of Electrosonic’s goods to fit out a brand new 80-acre site for Google
  • Goods transported from UK to US via air, ready to be installed within 4 days

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The groupage solution you never knew you needed, where value matters the most.


For direct UK or European deliveries, we’ll take the wheel no matter the shape or size of your goods.


Take to the open waters to move cargo of all sizes as we connect you to the world’s biggest markets.

The great outdoors made possible by logistics

For all your outdoor-related goods, from sports and leisure equipment to greenhouses and camping gear, the brilliant blend of innovative entrepreneurs and logistics makes it happen.

Find out how in our latest #MadePossibleByLogistics blog.

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Frequently asked questions

Aviate is the air freight solution when speed and security is your priority for air cargo of all shapes, sizes and types: we’ll help you take to the skies with expert, long-haul care.

Air freight logistics or air cargo delivery is the transfer and shipment of goods via an air carrier, which may be charter or commercial. Air freight, generally, is the highest cost-to-weight solution to ship cargo but it is outweighed by the fact it is the fastest of all logistics solutions.

Direct, indirect, charter, aircraft on ground shipments and many more. We specialise in project cargo, no shipment is out of bounds for our creative Aviate team.

We move dangerous goods in accordance with national and international ADR regulations. Please get in touch to find out more.

Get in touch with one of our account managers so they can understand a little bit more about your air requirements and help!

There are different types of air freight services or air cargo depending on the way it is organised:

Consolidated Freight: Lots of separate shipments allocated to one flight. Yes, this can be the most cost-effective method, however it may add a few days to the transit times due to the collection of the necessary amounts of shipments.

Direct Services: Parcels travel in the hold of an aircraft taking a scheduled flight. In this case, size restrictions apply. One key advantage of this method is the possibility to choose a direct flight to the destination.

Charter: Definitely the most costly and the least popular form, where an entire plane is chartered to carry a specific cargo and you have to pay for a round trip.

Some other types of air freight will refer to the type of cargo that is being carried on board:

General Cargo: Non-restricted goods, e.g clothing.

Special Cargo: Restricted goods, this can include batteries, works of art etc.

Time: Deliver your items very quickly over very long distances.

Reliable: Flights are generally reliable and have reliable arrival & departure times. Shipment by air is highly likely to arrive on time coupled with a very low risk of accidents.

Worldwide: Agile & intercontinental transportation.

Security: Air freight gives you very high levels of security for sensitive or high value items.

Adaptability : Can be used as the main mode of transport for a wide range of items.

Low insurance premium: Insurance premiums are lower due to the shipment duration being so short.

Cost: Air freight can be the most expensive of all the logistics options.

Delays: Flights can be subject to delays or cancellations – although air freight is seen as one of the most reliable.

Tax: Taxes must be paid at each airport.

Fuel: Fuel surcharges may have to be added to freight costs.

Location: Further transportation might be required from airports/airfields to final destination.

UN classified dangerous goods.

Lithium batteries, power supplies or power banks.

Illegal goods.

Firearms, explosives & flammable substances.

Biochemical products.

Air freight has always served as a vital cog in the global supply chain. In today’s world the global supply chain has begun to transform, mainly due to the pandemic. After the smoke clears, air freight is shaping up to hold a more commanding position in the overall mix of cargo transportation.

Speed of e-commerce is something that will play a big part in the future of air freight. Customers now want items in a day or two, sometimes demanding them overnight. The demand stimulated by e-commerce may continue to grow and will become one of the main challenges of air freight in the near future.

Shipping rates are fluctuating and since the beginning of the pandemic, have become increasingly unstable. Less cargo space on passenger & cargo planes alike, means that the demand for cargo space is a real problem. Combining these issues together gives a good indication that rates will continue to rise.

Air freight could consider shifting towards becoming an omnichannel strategy. Airlines will begin to seek opportunities beyond the traditional airport-to-airport strategies and look to gain an advantage in the end-to-end service space. If we do see a shift in air freight towards the omnichannel strategy, competition for cargo space & shipping rates should ease and become more stable.

Vehicle Types:

Vans: Short wheel-based, Long wheel-based, Extra- long wheel based

Luton vans: Curtainsider, Box, Tail lift, Flatbed

7.5 Tonnes – 18 Tonnes: Curtainsider, Flatbed Box, Rigids, Tail lift, HIAB, Moffett

Artics (44 Tonnes): Box, Tail lift, Flatbed, HIAB, Moffett, Curtainsider

Rigids: Tail lift, Flatbed, HIAB, Moffett

Specialised Vehicles/Trailers: Sliding Roof, Low Loader, Stepframe, Double Decker, Mega, Beavertail, Extendable Flatbed, Super mega Flatbed, Wafer Deck, Container Self-loading, Skeleton, Racked / Open floor trailer, Tanker, Silo, Swap Body, Jumbo (Wagon & Drag), Walking floor, Coil well, Stanchion, Hanging Garment, Frigo

We have access to an extensive network that offers a wide range of vehicle types. If you need something in particular, please do not hesitate to contact us.