Whether it’s an immersive museum exhibit, an engaging briefing centre or a command and control centre optimized for efficiency, Electrosonic have the technical expertise to optimize the experience for your customers, guests and employees.

  • Solution: Aviate & Accelerate
  • Product: AudioVisual Technology

Need for speed

When you need to transport your goods across the world, we understand that your priority is making your customer happy, not the logistical solutions. However, when you fully optimize your supply chain, it becomes apparent on how both you, and your customer can win.

There’s no better way to highlight this than showcasing Electrosonic. The audiovisual and technology services company works with huge global brands from Barclays to Krispy Kreme, the NHL to Uber.

By having an in-depth knowledge of both their requirements and products, we were able to offer Electrosonic a variety of solutions, enabling them to provide their customers with the best service.

Using our Aviate solution, we took to the skies for one of Electrosonic’s projects, kitting out Google’s brand-new 80 acre campus in San Jose, California.

As speed was their largest priority, we tailored our solution with that specifically in mind. Within just 4 days, Electrosonic’s goods were transported from Dartford, UK to San Francisco, US ready to be installed at Google.

By using Aviate, we moved 50 pallets of Electrosonic’s goods across 6 different shipments. We were able to provide a solution which avoided delays alongside having a speedy transit time, which helped Electrosonic upkeep both their reliability and reputation when working with such a global brand.

Tailor-made to you

However, Aviate was not the right solution for all of Electrosonic’s logistical needs. In fact, when transporting for clients like JP Morgan, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs, we discovered that our Accelerate solution was the best approach.

As Electrosonic needed to deliver across Europe, our Accelerate solution offered dedicated vans and last-minute collections in time-sensitive periods. The personalised service and optimised routing of Accelerate also provided Electrosonic with flexibility of their transit times.

Working alongside Gerlach, we’re able to move Electrosonic’s goods from the UK to their office in Rotterdam, ready to process all their customs requirements by either DAP or DDP. By doing so, we ensure end to end clearance and maintain that the final customer doesn’t have to undergo all the hassle that comes with customs documentation. After leaving the office in Rotterdam, the goods then enter the single market, which enables them to travel across Europe quicker, providing the customer with a seamless process.

Charley Ferris – Electrosonic’s Account Manager

Charley is the dedicated account manager who assists Electrosonic with any requests they have – no matter how big or small. He is there to answer any queries and provide updates on movements.

If you are looking to move goods via air or road and would like to know more about the movements of Electrosonic – please contact Charley today!

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