Consolidate® - LTL/ Groupage Solution

The Pre-Brexit solution to Groupage!

It’s the smart way to ship if you are unable to fill a trailer or if you have high volumes that need a greener, cost-effective way to move in and out of Europe.

We offer:

  • Daily departures in and out of the UK.
  • We can collect multi destinations in one collection.
  • Speedy transit into the EU within 48-72 hours.
  • Mixed incoterms DDP and DAP collected together and shipped on the same trailer.
  • Frictionless 30 minute customs clearance for DDP shipments.
  • Customs experts on hand 24/7.

New & improved: Consolidate groupage service

Consolidate is the most cost-effective and efficient way to move goods throughout Europe. From one pallet a week to multiple shipments per day we are your solutions partner to handle your goods with care.

As the exclusive UK sales partner for DHL Freight you have direct access to one of the only controlled networks in Europe. Your goods will be handled with care and under the umbrella of one of the world’s largest logistics brands.

You will also have access to our highly experienced solutions teams. Your dedicated Solutions Architect will work closely with you to ensure you are booked onto the right service and are armed with the right documentation to clear through customs swiftly. When your goods are collected we will monitor the journey and keep you informed of any critical moments of the shipment.

Are you ready to be part of the 43 million shipments that DHL move every year? We would love to hear from you!

Did you know?
Only 9% of firms have a dedicated employee or team to handle customs -

We have a dedicated customs team that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will ensure that the details are scrutinized before engaging with our global partner, Gerlach, who boast a whopping 140 years experience in customs processes!
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Did you know?
93% of small exporters move goods from the UK to EU & 81% of small firms have experienced cost increases for overseas goods -

We're here to support small business overcome the challenges of European import & exports.
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Did you know?
39% of traders that move goods do so at least once a week, of which 27% move goods more than once a week -

We have daily shipments out of the UK to enable regular movements into Europe.
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Did you know?
9% of small firms said they used to import or export but have stopped within the past five years as they are struggling with costs of trade. The top reasons for stopping are the volume of paperwork (56%), overall costs (49%) and supply chain or logistical issues (29%) -

We believe in the people power, it's good to talk and when you work with us you will have a dedicated account manager who is an expert in solving issues. We live and breathe logistics everyday.
About Baxter Freight
Did you know?
56% of businesses that no longer trade overseas say excessive paperwork contributed to their decision to stop -

We understand the importance of properly handled customs formalities and compliance. Our highly experienced experts can help, from completing a customs declaration form, to a customs invoice and other customs documents.
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New rates to access the EU

We are now able to offer market-leading groupage rates, moving pallets into Europe for as little as £90. To help businesses succeed in Europe we have managed to secure the following deals to a select few countries:


£ 90 Per pallet (including fuel)
  • Additional fixed £45 customs clearance if required
  • 4 day average delivery time
  • UK or EU pallets
  • Average weight of 500kgs


£ 100 Per pallet (including fuel)
  • Additional fixed £45 customs clearance if required
  • 4 day average delivery time
  • UK or EU pallets
  • Average weight of 500kgs


£ 115 Per pallet (including fuel)
  • Additional fixed £45 customs clearance if required
  • 4 day average delivery time
  • UK or EU pallets
  • Average weight of 500kgs

All of the pallets we collect are delivered on the DHL controlled network. We have options for both UK & EU pallets. DDP & DAP Incoterms available. All the delivery times listed above are based on our average delivery times into Europe, this can all depend on clearance times especially for DAP shipments. In the remote areas of the countries listed, please do contact us for the best rates.

If the above rates are of interest, you need an insight or you need to move items to other areas of the EU – please contact our Consolidate Team for more information and the best rates.

Covering all of Europe

We are here to help you access the whole of Europe and not just the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. From the north of Sweden to the south of Spain and right across to Turkey, we have regular shipments that can help you access even the most remote markets.

The complexities of exporting to the EU shouldn’t hinder your businesses progress. With 200+ locations across the continent and covering over 2,000 routes across Europe, we can deliver your groupage consignments using our expansive European logistics network.

With our European network and supply chain expertise, it’s little wonder why numerous UK businesses rely on us to deliver their cargo into Europe.

How can Consolidate work for you?

Value focused solution with access to daily shipments

Daily movement of goods by sharing the transportation, the cost per unit of your freight is significantly reduced.

The most cost effective and efficient way through customs clearance

DDP, DAP exports that we can move together. We also cover FCA imports. 

Reducing your overall carbon footprint

Eco-friendly approach to share trailers instead of leaving them half empty.

Access to the Consolidate team through your dedicated Account Manager

Heavily involved with the details of organising every leg of your freight’s journey, leaving nothing to chance.

Biggest independent clearance agent in Europe

750 customs experts offices dotted around the world. 140 years in the business. Co-ordinate with our 24/7 in house customs support team.

Fiscal representation options available

For your delivery duty paid freight we can offer Limited fiscal representation & General fiscal representation depending on the shipping terms.

Customs made simple with Gerlach

If your goods are moving in and out of Europe, there will be a customs implication. Whether you need to utilise a DAP or DDP solution or maybe you just don’t know, our 24/7 in-house customs team are here to offer you the support you need along with our customs partners, Gerlach.

Consolidate is one of the most versatile solutions we have available. To really understand how this solution can give you a competitive advantage, speak to our highly experienced team today.

The Pre-Brexit solution

Our Consolidate solution takes the hassle out of your shipments into the EU.

We work hard on delivering a frictionless service and minimising delays by helping you get all of your documents in place and checking them closely. Our expertise and the time we spend on getting the customs process right leaves you the time to run your business just the way you want to.

From the DHL & Gerlach partnership to a dedicated team at your fingertips, you can get back to business in Europe just like the good old days.

Here’s how we make it work for Churchill China

  • Daily exports from Stoke
  • Safe transporting of ceramic tableware
  • Integrated customs clearance in The Netherlands
  • Delivered safely around Europe

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When speed is your priority, it’s ours too: We’ll help you take to the skies with expert, long-haul care.


Take to the open water to move cargo of all sizes as we connect you to the world’s biggest markets


For direct UK or European deliveries, we’ll take the wheel no matter the shape or size of your goods.
Meet The Team

Team Consolidate

Consolidate is one of our more complex solutions – but our team make it look easy, masterminding the consolidation and distribution of your goods across the UK and Europe.

Meet the team who work tirelessly to enable businesses to operate within the EU.

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Information is key to make decisions on the go. That’s why our dedicated team of experts are here for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Consolidate is Baxter Freight’s groupage/less than truck load road freight transport solution.

Consolidate does exactly that; consolidating your goods onto one vehicle, taking it to a hub for redistribution. This can be from UK to Europe or Europe back to the UK. Consolidate can sometimes be referred to as groupage.

Our approach is to make the import and export process as streamlined as possible, minimising touchpoints and re-handling.

We choose the most efficient border crossings to minimise customs processes with the aim to get your products to your customers and keeping them, and you, happy!

Groupage, also known as consolidated shipping, is a cost-effective and efficient way to ship small amounts of goods, especially for businesses and individuals who do not have enough cargo to fill a full container.

The concept of groupage is simple: multiple parties ship their goods together in a single container, thus sharing the cost of transportation. This can be a great option for businesses that do not have enough volume to fill a full container, but still need to import or export goods.

In conclusion, groupage can be a cost-effective and efficient way to ship small amounts of goods, especially for businesses and individuals who do not have enough cargo to fill a full container. It can help to reduce the cost of transportation and the carbon footprint of shipping, but it also has some drawbacks, such as longer transit times and a higher risk of delay or damage to goods. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the specific needs of your business before choosing groupage as a shipping option.

Get in touch with one of our account managers so they can understand a little bit more about your groupage requirements and help!

One of the main benefits of groupage is cost savings. By sharing the cost of transportation with other parties, the cost per unit of cargo can be significantly reduced. Additionally, groupage can also help to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation, as fewer full containers are needed to transport the same amount of goods.

Another benefit of groupage is flexibility. Groupage services can be used to ship a wide range of goods, from raw materials to finished products, and can be used for both import and export. Furthermore, groupage can also be used to ship goods to and from various destinations, making it a versatile option for businesses that need to ship cargo to different locations.

Groupage terminals, also known as consolidation terminals, are facilities that are specifically designed to handle consolidated cargo or groupage. These terminals are becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective and efficient way for businesses to import and export goods, especially for those who do not have enough cargo to fill a full container.

The concept of groupage terminals is simple: multiple parties ship their goods together to a single location, where they are consolidated into a full container before being shipped to the final destination. This allows businesses to share the cost of transportation, which can significantly reduce the cost per unit of cargo.

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Established reputation

Our levels of experience and reputation have enabled us to innovate quickly within the industry.

Baxter Freight has been operating and excelling in the UK and Europe for over a decade now. Our leadership has been leading the way in the logistics industry for a lot longer.

We have led the way as the UK went through Brexit and established ourselves as experts in working in Europe. 

Vehicle Types:

Vans: Short wheel-based, Long wheel-based, Extra- long wheel based

Luton vans: Curtainsider, Box, Tail lift, Flatbed

7.5 Tonnes – 18 Tonnes: Curtainsider, Flatbed Box, Rigids, Tail lift, HIAB, Moffett

Artics (44 Tonnes): Box, Tail lift, Flatbed, HIAB, Moffett, Curtainsider

Rigids: Tail lift, Flatbed, HIAB, Moffett

Specialised Vehicles/Trailers: Sliding Roof, Low Loader, Stepframe, Double Decker, Mega, Beavertail, Extendable Flatbed, Super mega Flatbed, Wafer Deck, Container Self-loading, Skeleton, Racked / Open floor trailer, Tanker, Silo, Swap Body, Jumbo (Wagon & Drag), Walking floor, Coil well, Stanchion, Hanging Garment, Frigo

We have access to an extensive network that offers a wide range of vehicle types. If you need something in particular, please do not hesitate to contact us.