Churchill China

Churchill China, of the famous pottery region of Stoke-on-Trent, are the UK’s leading brand and manufacturer of high quality tableware and one of our most valued customers. Their extensive collection are popular globally and sold throughout the hospitality and retail sector.

  • Solution: Consolidate
  • Product: Performance Tableware

Culture match

Your products have to be as important to us as they are to you. By taking time to understand your business, your people and your culture, we can ensure your goods are handled with the respect and care they deserve. This extra insight helps us to protect your brand ethos and ensure your customer has the same continuation of service and quality they expect from your brand.

Churchill China is one of Baxter Freight’s long-term customers and partners. Our cultural match and experience in delivering complex logistics solutions, as well as sharing key brand values (transparency, quality, and proactive problem solving) enables us to work through all the complexities the world of supply chain management can throw at us.

Churchill China is a household name in the world of ceramic tableware. They handle every part of the process from working with the clay as a raw material, ensuring it meets the quality standards industry demands, right through to production and packing. With over 225 years of experience on their side, it is no surprise that they have created a business that has expanded across the far reaches of the globe, and even through Brexit and a pandemic, they were robust and ready for continued growth.

Finding the right solution

Baxter Freight is a partner that offers insights into their supply chain. The only way to offer insights is to work closely with Churchill China at every level of the business. As an external consultant we are able to identify where efficiencies can be implemented to deliver a continued and consistent service.

Finding the right delivery solution is complex. There are many ways products can be delivered, particularly with the added complexity of customs regulations and paperwork in and out of Europe. Consolidate is the solution where goods are loaded onto trailers, taken to a central hub in Europe to be redistributed to their final destination. This is both cost effective and more environmentally sustainable.

Brexit has become a big part of our lives, particularly for any business exporting or importing and we make it our mission to ease the complexities of customs for our customers. Similar to the logistics process, where there is not one singular solution to move goods, the same applies with customs. Our unique relationship with Gerlach provides us with 140 years of expertise in customs procedures, ensuring we support our customers to remain compliant and minimise delays at borders, supported by our customs team who work tirelessly 24/7.

Continuous improvement

Our partnership with a culture of continuous improvement enables us to monitor and manage performance on a daily basis, even during Brexit transitions, which means Churchill China’s customers rarely feel the impact of the challenges that comes with freight.

Churchill China has a distinct brand identity, where customers expect a high level of quality and service. As their logistics partner, it is important we don’t let these brand values slip. Our partnership with DHL freight provides Churchill China’s customers the added comfort of a world-renowned brand delivering their high value goods safely to their door. We have access to DHL Freight’s European network; their warehousing, hubs and routes which means we maintain a high quality service at every leg of the journey.

Dan Myers – Associate Director, Solutions Consultancy

Dan is an Associate Director and heads up the Solutions Consultants Team. Dan thrives working with complex logistics problems and finding solutions for some of our largest clients both domestically and internationally.

If you are looking to improve your logistics and supply chain and would like to hear more about how our solutions work together – please contact Dan today!

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Established reputation

Our levels of experience and reputation have enabled us to innovate quickly within the industry.

Baxter Freight has been operating and excelling in the UK and Europe for over a decade now. Our leadership has been leading the way in the logistics industry for a lot longer.

We have led the way as the UK went through Brexit and established ourselves as experts in working in Europe. 

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