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Working around the clock, our team of Customs Specialists perform a crucial role when moving goods in and out of the UK. Working closely with our customs partner, Gerlach, the team oversee thousands of declarations every month.

Meet our Customs Team

Chris Roome

Associate Director, Consolidate & Customs

We take all the jargon and complexities out of customs – simplifying your entire supply chain!  

We’re into all the small details and providing a hassle-free experience.

Customs can be a tricky system to navigate, but we have the all important know-how on keeping your goods moving across borders without delays.

Working alongside Gerlach, the leading provider of customs clearance, we ensure end to end clearance, so you can focus on your business – not the complex world of customs.

Aga Zuzanska

Customs Specialist

Betty Nieweglowska

Customs Specialist

Cat Owens

Customs Specialist


Claudia Stroe

Customs Specialist

Heike McGeachie

Customs Specialist


Joao Reis

Customs Specialist

Jonathan Mosley

Customs Specialist

Kinga Sobierajska

Customs Specialist


Linda Gibson

Customs Specialist

Loretta Cobson

Customs Specialist

Marianne Hanson

Customs Specialist

Rachel Smith

Customs Specialist


Tom Falivena

Customs Team Leader

Make customs your competitive advantage

Guiding you through the complexities of customs with straight talking, around the clock support.

Our Customs News & Articles

Grace Reddish

2023 AEO audit

We continue to be AEO accredited!  We’re proud to have maintained our AEO accreditation in both Customs Simplification and Security and Safety for another year – but what is the

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