Turning freight on its head

Grace Reddish

Hands up – who yawns when they hear the word ‘freight’? It’s okay, we understand.

But let us change that for you!

It’s not just lorries driving up and down the country, it’s so much more than that. Freight keeps the world moving.

From keeping up to date with the latest fashion, enjoying your favourite foods, to the car that you’re driving – it’s all made possible by logistics.


At Baxter Freight, we believe that what makes us stand out, is us!

For us to deliver top-notch customer service to our customers and suppliers, we need the right people for it. Thriving off a culture of vibrancy, positivity and creativity are Team Baxter.

Ranging from our valued Finance Team who guarantee all payments go smoothly, our Sales Team who build relationships with people all over the globe, to our trusty Operations Team who ensure your daily deliveries arrive on time – without them, we couldn’t make freight great!


From our humble beginnings back in 2013 all the way to now, we’ve had our fair share of transporting some of the wildest things. From dinosaur bones to parts for the US President’s Air Force One, it’s safe to say we like to keep it varied.

Our vast experience in providing solutions for complex problems has enabled us to innovate within our sector and even become DHL Freight’s UK Sale Partner. This means that both Baxter Freight and DHL’s customers can benefit from this alliance with the array of different networks in the UK which we’ve built over the years.

Does Baxter’s culture fit with yours?

Find out today if you could be the next best thing Team Baxter has to offer!

Find out today if you could be the next best thing Team Baxter has to offer!

Made Possible By Logistics
Grace Reddish

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