Gym Bag Essentials Made Possible By Logistics

James Plant

In today’s world, restaurants, corner shops, supermarkets, local cafés are everywhere, always catering to ever evolving and perceptive tastes and desires. To be able to keep up with the rise in demand, food manufacturers and businesses are turning to many different technologies, collaborations and ideas to help stay on top of the competition.

There are numerous processes that have to be taken into account when you are either running or looking to run a business in the food industry. Some of the processes are trying to source direct materials, planning for demand and achieving food certificates with each of them holding a massive significance to being successful in the food industry.


Food logistics and the food supply chain, in a nutshell, comprises all the stages that food products go through, from production to consumption with the aim of quenching the hunger of customer demand. Nowadays, food is transported over longer distances, across continents. The food on your plate, the tins in the cupboard or the snacks in your gym bag aren’t from round the corner, food travels and wow, does it travel far! The clock is always ticking on freshness, and it won’t wait for supply chain delays.

Careful procedures are very important in transport of food, because every detail can make a difference.

A fantastic example is a delivery of chocolate & bars alike, which is an extremely sensitive product, and it requires special attention and care.

When transporting bars, all relevant factors must be taken into consideration, therefore all similar transports are handled by our expert carriers and organised by the amazing operations team at Baxter Freight. Whether it’s coming from the north, south, or somewhere in the middle, our comprehensive network of suppliers and connections allow the rapid and efficient transport of any produce.


A project we have recently undertaken involves playing a pivotal role in helping to get the UK ready for the world’s first protein bar that contains official and real Oreo pieces. A combination of the nation’s favourite protein bar brand and the number one cookie brand seems like a match made in heaven. With the instantly recognisable black and white centre, this is a bar that the most die-hard Oreo fans will adore along with protein bar consumers.

The reception the new bar received in the UK was helped to be made possible by the hard-working and dedicated Account manager, Will.

Contact one of our Account Managers to see how we can add some love to your supply chain.

Made Possible By Logistics
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