2023 AEO audit

Grace Reddish

We continue to be AEO accredited! 

We’re proud to have maintained our AEO accreditation in both Customs Simplification and Security and Safety for another year – but what is the importance to our customers?

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status is an internationally recognised quality mark which shows a business’s role in the international supply chain is secure and has customs control procedures which meet specific criteria and standards.

What are the benefits of AEO?

Being AEO accredited allows us to have:

  • Faster application processes for customs simplifications and authorisations
  • Lower risk score which can reduce the number of checks customs carry out on documents and goods
  • Priority treatment at customs controls for consignments
  • Reduced declaration requirements for entry and exit summary declarations

Within recent years, processes for trading in Northern Ireland have altered, with the most recent agreement being The Windsor Framework. Due to our accreditation, it allows us to access the green lane which allows us to move goods quicker as we are able to by-pass custom clearances.

Additionally, our AEO accreditation has enabled us to develop strong partnerships with global brands like DHL and Gerlach. This in turn allows us to deliver the highest quality of service to both customers and suppliers.

Our approach

Tom Falivena, Customs Team Leader, oversees everything is smooth-running in our Customs department.

His experience in perfecting the small details and navigating through the complex world of customs, led him to become our AEO Representative.

Tom helped ensure our latest AEO audit with HMRC went swiftly, along with the help of the whole of Team Baxter.

Together on a daily basis, the whole of the business maintains that AEO guidelines and protocols are followed.


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