Warm Festive Feels… Made Possible By Logistics

Amy Clifford
What better way to get into the festive spirit than wearing the season’s tackiest jumper? With the heating bills going up, this popular piece of knitwear is the gift of the season. How it gets to store or direct to your door is a whole piece of Christmas magic in itself. If you are a customer in Europe, expecting a delivery of your festive outfit to your door 48 hours from placing your online order, this will have had quite a journey only made possible by logistics.


Every day at 6pm, Baxter Freight collects 2 full containers of clothing from the North of England to deliver into warehouses in Europe by 2pm the next day. The freight world’s answer to Santa travels at least 520 miles navigating busy UK roads, crossing the channel onto the shores of the Netherlands before reaching the warehouse in Germany. Time is of the essence, so this journey must have 2 drivers to keep the trailer moving.
A man receives a parcel from a female DHL delivery driver in front of a snowy cabin
The journey cannot be completed without the right paperwork in place ready for customs inspections. Did you know that there is different duty expected on goods if they are branded for “Winter” or for “Christmas”? If officials decide the goods have the wrong commodity code they will delay, change, or possibly reject the delivery. This is why we partnered with customs experts Gerlach to work together with our very own customs team who work tirelessly 24 hours a day to keep goods moving. Their job begins as soon as the goods are loaded onto the vehicle ahead of their arrival at customs to ensure any issues are quickly resolved.
“We’re so proud of our 24-hour customs. It’s a system that enables us to deliver to into Europe the very next day. Whether it’s Christmas jumpers, Christmas party outfits or matching PJs for the whole family, the efficiencies of our partnerships with Gerlach and DHL make it possible. “




Once the goods have made it to the warehouse our freight partners at DHL are ready to take on the final leg, wherever that may be in Europe, to get the festive outfit to your door.

We just love that we can play our part in keeping you and your family warm and festive this Christmas!

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Made Possible By Logistics
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