The Female Future of Freight

Grace Reddish

We believe that our people are our strongest asset.

By working together as a team, we are able to develop, grow and succeed.

In order to ensure that we are constantly improving, we have a focus on continuous learning, to not only better ourselves and our colleagues – but the work we do.

One of the biggest cultural beliefs at Baxter Freight is internal promotion, after all, who knows what we do, better than us!


Leading the future

Izzie became part of Team Baxter in 2021, and in that short time has brought about huge change to the business.

Since her arrival as an Operations Specialist, Izzie has brought her experience and willingness to learn every day to her team. Since then, she has progressed to UK & Ireland Freight Team Manager and led her valued team to where they are today!

Izzie Limb (far left) and the UK and Ireland Freight Team

In her day to day Izzie is responsible for overseeing all freight movements in and between the UK and Ireland. By building strong relationships with suppliers and hauliers means that her team have a strong understanding of their needs, and when issues do occur they are able to manage them swiftly and promptly.

In just the short timeframe of being a manager, Izzie’s impact has already been felt. Working cross-departmentally is vital to ensure knowledge is shared, but also so that all processes go smoothly – especially in a sector like logistics where there’s always a bump in the road! Due to this, Izzie has been instrumental in planning how training can be rolled out across the business. Furthermore, within her department there has been an increased focus on warehousing – increasing both the value and knowledge of Baxter Freight.

“My career progression has been a quick and dynamic one – at Baxter Freight it’s not about waiting for an opening to become available, but instead, it’s about shaping your own path and seeing an opportunity for development. On a daily basis I enjoy the variety and range of challenges that I’m involved in, not only within my department, but along the whole business. The culture at Baxter Freight is extremely inclusive, as a woman in a leadership role I’m viewed on my capabilities rather than my gender.”

– Izzie Limb – UK & Ireland Freight Team Manager

For many, Izzie is the go-to for all information about upcoming domestic projects as well as an escalation point. If there’s any questions – she’s got the answers. Despite all this Izzie confesses that her most important role of the day is making sure her team are always well-equipped with a good brew!

Women in logistics

Logistics is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and it isn’t slowing down. However, there is still a lack of women in roles, currently in the UK only 20% of the logistics workforce is female.

We understand the power that each individual has, and the impact they bring with them, to better themselves and the team around them. People like Izzie are important in our business as they enable us to push forwards to the future.

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