Spring refresh made possible by logistics

Kristina Causer

It's a new season, bringing with it inspiration for new construction projects.

The global forecast for construction is set to grow, despite fears of recession, and now that everyone has a spring in their step, it’s an opportunity to have a refresh. From house renovations, building projects, garden makeovers, major construction or even planning ahead for the new school year in September, the construction industry is a busy place to be. S&P Global/CIPS UK Construction Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), which tracks activity in the building sector, showed the rate of growth in February 2023 was the fastest since May 2022.

As the wheels of construction start turning, so does the world of logistics to help move raw materials, modular buildings, furnishings, interiors and so much more. 

Planning ahead

From DIY projects to large building contracts the key to success is always in the planning and preparation. This is particularly true when preparing for a new school term and getting ready for a new student year. Buildings and interiors have to be ready, as children and students head back to start learning.

Our Navigate team work extensively within the education sector and the time is NOW to plan ahead to ensure shipments arrive on time, particularly when sourcing materials from the Far East. Our experienced team works hard to plan deliveries from as far as Asia right to the school door, ensuring the right vehicles with the right support are in place so teachers can focus on teaching and prep and NOT unloading vehicles and worrying about the heavy lifting.


Navigating through challenging routes

From educational establishments to major construction sites, have you ever thought how large construction materials, such as pre-cast concrete blocks and foundations actually make it to the construction site?

How about if your site was in Guernsey? Your oversized goods need to be transported across the sea with only 15 miles of road that is suitable for an articulated lorry. These are some of the difficulties that our team manages and creates solutions for daily to help customers overcome even the trickiest challenges.

Guernsey logistics

A spring refresh is very rewarding, probably more than you realise when considering how all the goods got to the final destination, all made possible by logistics.

Made Possible By Logistics
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