Navigating our way through Christmas

Kristina Causer

Who has still got all their Christmas shopping left to do? Or are you one of the organised ones who has already bought, wrapped, and put the gifts under the tree? If so your freight ‘persona’ would belong with Sea Freight!


Our wonderful sea freight team have Christmas in the bag by August, working with businesses and supply chains globally to move goods well ahead of the key shopping periods through the festive season. Sea freight is a cost-effective solution for supply chains that are organised months in advance ready to set sail by September. All those Christmas gifts and winter wear may well have left the factories at the height of summer ready to hit the high street ready for eager shoppers.

By the time December arrives our Sea Freight team can kick back and enjoy a mince pie, while our road, rail, and air freight teams are busy organising last-minute loads and supporting the festive supply chain.

Baxter Freight's Sea Freight team But that isn’t really the case! Sea Freight are already looking ahead to spring working with our customers to prepare for the next big season. This can vary from moving goods ahead of the lunar new year or preparing for spring and summer terms at school to working closely with customers to identify where and when supply chains need their goods and materials to keep production moving.  


Whether you’re already thinking about warmer days and looking to move goods from long-haul destinations or being super prepared for Christmas 2023 drop us an email or give us a call at 0115 975 0400 to see how we can help you add value to your supply chain.  

Vehicle Types:

Vans: Short wheel-based, Long wheel-based, Extra- long wheel based

Luton vans: Curtainsider, Box, Tail lift, Flatbed

7.5 Tonnes – 18 Tonnes: Curtainsider, Flatbed Box, Rigids, Tail lift, HIAB, Moffett

Artics (44 Tonnes): Box, Tail lift, Flatbed, HIAB, Moffett, Curtainsider

Rigids: Tail lift, Flatbed, HIAB, Moffett

Specialised Vehicles/Trailers: Sliding Roof, Low Loader, Stepframe, Double Decker, Mega, Beavertail, Extendable Flatbed, Super mega Flatbed, Wafer Deck, Container Self-loading, Skeleton, Racked / Open floor trailer, Tanker, Silo, Swap Body, Jumbo (Wagon & Drag), Walking floor, Coil well, Stanchion, Hanging Garment, Frigo

We have access to an extensive network that offers a wide range of vehicle types. If you need something in particular, please do not hesitate to contact us.