Everyday Dining Made Possible By Logistics

Grace Reddish

From snacks, mealtimes, to dining out, we just wouldn’t be able to have the variety of food and social experiences if it wasn’t for the part logistics plays in making it happen.

Already this year Baxter Freight has helped facilitate the UK section of the global launch of Grenade’s brand-new Oreo Protein Bar, making sure stock was hitting the stores ahead of the viral campaign that followed.

At the other end of the spectrum we’re linking popular high street chains such as Wetherspoons to their supply chain of long-lasting and durable tableware – everyone knows the magic happens in the kitchen, so what better way of ensuring the magic continues by equipping chef’s kitchens all over the world with the best kitchenware to deliver high-end dining experiences.


“The value our business brings, to the brands we work with, is our intricate knowledge of the detail. This could be understanding what the best way to move goods could be, to the complexities of customs and all the associated checks relating to food and tableware. We don’t stop until we have found our customers the answers.”

Laura Nixon – Associate Director Solutions Consultancy

More than you may imagine goes into making this possible. From working with British brands ensuring timely deliveries across the UK, to helping build brands overseas whether that is across Europe or further afield.

With new territories also means borders, customs, duties and restrictions and for us this is all in a days work as we guide our customers to find the right logistics solution for their products.

To find out more on how we can make logistics work harder for you why not get in touch to speak to one of our Consultants today!

Made Possible By Logistics
Grace Reddish

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