Playdale Playgrounds have been designing, manufacturing and installing playgrounds in the UK for nearly 50 years. From humble beginnings in the manufacturing facilities in Cumbria, Playdale is now a global brand, loved by children from USA to Asia having delivered over 20,000 play areas in 47 countries across the world!

Growing Internationally

Moving British playground products across the world is child’s play! But how does a British brand access a global market? And what part does logistics play in brand growth?

Playdale‘s international growth strategy was initiated over a decade ago. With the strategic decision to position Playdale as an international brand, the company has successfully expanded from a domestically focused brand delivering to the UK, to a global supplier of playground products. This has been achieved through a combination of factors, including a commitment to providing high-quality products, a focus on innovation and design, and a strong reputation for exceptional customer services.

Through the assistance of the Department for Business & Trade, Playdale was able to navigate the complexities of international trade and establish a strong presence in numerous international markets.

Irregularity and size of playground equipment poses a big challenge when exporting goods. To overcome this challenge, Playdale has implemented a strategic approach to product design, taking into account the logistical requirements for transportation and delivery.

By carefully considering the transportation needs of our products, our company has been able to optimise product design and packaging to ensure safe and efficient delivery to international markets.

Understanding the process

The team at Baxter Freight are passionate about delivering the best customer experience, a value aligned with Playdale. When working together with a shared goal we can create a partnership of authenticity and trust – which is critical when shipping goods with complex customs processes around the globe!

Today we work together with Playdale on a regular basis, moving loads monthly across Europe and up to two containers a month to the States, as well as a number of adhoc air freight shipments all the way to Asia. Needless to say Playdale are keeping several of our operations teams busy!


As a provider of logistics services, Baxter Freight has demonstrated a high level of reliability and professionalism, delivered products on-time and provided critical information throughout the transportation process. This has helped to ensure timely and efficient delivery to international markets, which is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and building a strong reputation for quality service. This has contributed to the ongoing success of our international growth strategy.

Karla Thomas


Marketing Manager

Easing the complexity of customs to the USA

One of Playdale’s most successful products is the Inclusive roundabout – the Orbit, which the most popular product shipped to America. The quality of British steel and outdoor play products is well renowned in the States, making America an important market for Playdale.

With our very own US shipping specialist Brendan Pickering, here at Baxter Freight, we have detailed knowledge in our Navigate Team to manage Playdale’s shipments, handling all aspects of the logistics process to America.

We organise the goods to be picked up from Playdale by a suitable NVOCC carrier who will consolidate the goods. In the case of a full load, we arrange collection and delivery to port of departure. Timing is everything as the ships only sail once a week, meaning it must be shipment ready with all checks in place ahead of time.

Staying close

Baxter Freight takes on the export customs burden, managing the export clearance, arranging and checking the export bill of lading and providing all the information for the International Security Filing (ISF) – the paperwork that acts like a visa to travel into America. We also provide the relevant SCAC code.

All documents are approved by Playdale ahead of shipment ready for them to pass on to the US broker or end customer. From that point we stay close to the shipment, ensuring it has left when it should, from where it should and arrives safely on land to where final delivery takes place.

We know it’s complicated but with Baxter Freight by your side, growing your business is child’s play!

James Smith – Playdale’s Account Manager

James is the dedicated account manager who assists Playdale with any requests they have – no matter how big or small. He is there to answer any queries and provide updates on the shipments.

If you are looking to move goods via sea and would like to know more about the movements of Playdale – please contact James today!

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