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Posted 16th August 2019

Preparing for Brexit

Wondering what you've got to do to prepare your company and your logistics for a no-deal Brexit? We've got your shipments covered.

What does a no-deal Brexit mean for me?
If the UK leaves the EU with a no-deal or hard Brexit, all your EU shipments will be treated as international shipments. If you ship internationally today, you’re probably already a lot more prepared than you think. Either way, at Baxter Freight, we have a team of international freight and customs experts who are here to help you get prepared.


What’s Baxter Freight doing now?

There are three main things we’ve done or are doing to ensure both ourselves and our customers, partners and suppliers are ready for a no-deal Brexit:


AEO – earlier this year, we were granted authorised economic operator status (also known as AEO or trusted trader status) by HM Revenue and Customs. This ensures that shipments arranged through us are less likely to experience routine checks and, if they are pulled for inspection, will get priority. Read more about the benefits of AEO here.



Customs experts – we’ve got in-house customs experts and a network of clearance partners around Europe who are dedicated to ensuring your shipments can move without a hitch.


Helping you – we’ve started the process of getting in touch with all of our customers, partners and suppliers to ensure everyone is as prepared as possible and understands what they’ll need to do.


By working together, we can minimise disruption, continue to provide market leading customer service, and ensure we’re all in the best possible position whatever happens after 1 November.


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