Meet The Team

Team Aviate

Giving your freight wings, Team Aviate are busy behind the scenes working hard to move your time sensitive air freight, working with some of the best suppliers on the planet.

Meet Team Aviate

Sarah Thompson

Associate Director, Aviate

we’re your go-to for Flying goods all around the world!

It’s our pleasure to help your business, whether you’re based down the road or down under, access markets on the global stage. We ensure your shipments are transported safely, efficiently, and always with a pro-active approach – so if we have an idea, we’ll let you know.

As a team, we’re all specialists within air freight, but we also have additional areas of expertise when it comes to hazardous goods, oversized cargo and time critical movements.

With a whole heap of world-class suppliers and partners working alongside us, we’re ready to help your goods take to the skies.

Anita Ward

Aviate Specialist

Brandon Greening

Aviate Specialist


Lee Frost

Aviate Specialist


Lewis Firth

Aviate Specialist


Aviate is the air freight solution when speed and security is your priority for air cargo of all shapes, sizes and types: we’ll help you take to the skies with expert, long-haul care.

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