Fine-Dining To Pub Grub Made Possible By Logistics

Amy Clifford

Churchill China, of the famous pottery region of Stoke-on-Trent, are the UK’s leading brand and manufacturer of high quality tableware. Their extensive collection are popular globally and sold throughout the hospitality and retail sector. Whether you’ve been to a 5-star restaurant or a Wetherspoons, the likelihood is, you’ve eaten off a Churchill China plate!

The ceramic tableware brand handle every part of the process from working with the clay as a raw material, ensuring it meets the quality standards industry demands, right through to production and packing. With over 225 years’ experience on their side, it is no surprise that they have created a business that has expanded across the far reaches of the globe.



Baxter’s Benefits

For us, our values have a huge impact on how we work with each other, our customers and our suppliers. By consistently working with businesses who are aligned in our beliefs means we’re able to be authentic in our approach in working through all the complexities the world of supply chain management can throw at us.

“We only work with partners who are as passionate about our products as we are, it’s the core of our brand essence that long term relationships with uncompromising service are built on trust, honesty and transparency. We chose to work with Baxter Freight as they are a great cultural match, with little bureaucracy and ability to react to the needs of our business”  – Tony Percival, Logistics Director

Brexit has become a big part of our lives, particularly for any business exporting or importing and we make it our mission to ease the complexities of customs for our customers. Similar to the logistics process, where there is no one singular solution to move goods, the same applies with customs.

Our unique relationship with Gerlach provides us with 140 years of expertise in customs procedures, ensuring we support our customers to remain compliant and minimise delays at borders, supported by our customs team who work tirelessly 24/7.



Top quality insights for top quality products

By working closely with Churchill China at every level of the business, we’re able to provide top quality insights into their supply chain. As an external consultant we can identify where efficiencies can be implemented to deliver a continued and consistent service.

We collect from Churchill China’s operation in Stoke On Trent daily, clearing the goods in the Netherlands and delivering into their EU warehouse. This allows time for goods to be re-packed and loaded ready for the second drop to our central hub in Germany, where the goods are loaded onto trailers for distribution to end customers to countries right across Europe.

Churchill China has a distinct brand identity, where customers expect a high level of quality and service. As their logistics partner, it is important we don’t let these brand values slip. Our partnership with DHL Freight provides Churchill China’s customers the added comfort of a world-renowned brand delivering their high value goods safely to their door. We have access to DHL Freight’s European network; their warehousing, hubs and routes which means we maintain a high quality service at every leg of the journey.

We know that making your product to the highest level is your priority, and sometimes transporting your goods can be left as the last piece in the puzzle.

Whether you’re shipping globally or domestically, we have expertise in moving your goods.


Get in touch today to see how we can add value to your supply chain.

Made Possible By Logistics
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