SIAN Wholesale

SIAN Wholesale are one of the fastest-growing distributors of FMCG in the UK, specialising in the distribution of toiletries, cosmetics, drinks and confectionary.

Find out how we make it possible for SIAN Wholesale.

Understanding our customers

Since 2003, SIAN Wholesale have been simplifying the wholesale process for their customers, providing a wide range of branded products at competitive prices.

Recently, we were tasked with moving large amounts of FMCG to discount stores up and down the UK.

From toiletries to healthcare, groceries to beauty – we guaranteed the products made their way on time, ready to hit the shelves.

Communication is key

Within logistics, to ensure supply chain movements are as seamless as possible, communication is key.

For this project SIAN Wholesale collaborated with Senior Account Manager, Ella, who ensured constant communication from start to finish.

SIAN Wholesale’s Sales & Logistics Coordinator, Ellie Wadman, explains:

“Communication for us at SIAN is key, and Ella is always on hand when you need her. Together, we have built a really good relationship and put in processes to ensure that our jobs are done efficiently.” 

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The reason we choose to use Baxter Freight again and again is their level of professionalism and eagerness to always help you out no matter what. The availability of transport is always excellent and there hasn’t been any issues with any jobs! Ella was a key component for us reaching our biggest month in sales on the grocery side of our business. Without the smooth booking process and constant communication, I’m sure none of this would’ve happened.

Need for speed

As SIAN Wholesale required their goods to be moved with speed, our Accelerate solution worked best for their needs.

From providing direct services and optimised routing, Accelerate enables us to distribute multiple loads weekly of SIAN Wholesale’s goods to their customers on time.

Our Accelerate solution was also tailored to SIAN Wholesale’s needs by providing export containers and import entries into the Netherlands.

At Baxter Freight, we understand that your goods are your priority, and not always the logistics. Due to this we take the hassle out of supply chains, leaving you to focus on what’s most important.

Proactive approaches

Each project comes with its own unique requirements, whether it be the weight, size or the type of goods being moved.

For SIAN Wholesale, some requirements included requiring vehicles within the hour and maintaining confidentiality due to the nature of their orders.

Ella and our Accelerate Team guaranteed that all necessary vehicles arrived when needed, in addition to creating a new customs process for their goods, ensuring a smooth transition between borders.

Through building long-term relationships we are able to offer value across supply chains, no matter what obstacles arise.

The impact we have is displayed through the experiences of our customers – SIAN Wholesale have already “recommended Baxter Freight to other suppliers and customers when they are in need of new forwarders.”

Ella Radford – SIAN Wholesale’s Account Manager

Ella is the dedicated Account Manager who assists SIAN Wholesale with any requests they have – no matter how big or small. She is there to answer any queries and provide updates on the shipments.

If you are looking to move goods via road or would like to know more about the movements of SIAN Wholesale – please contact Ella today!

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Luton vans: Curtainsider, Box, Tail lift, Flatbed

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