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FP McCann is the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of precast concrete solutions.

Find out how we make it possible for FP McCann.

  • Solution: Accelerate
  • Product: Precast concrete solutions

Sharing values

Being the largest manufacturer and supplier of precast concrete solutions in the UK does come with some very large logistics projects. FP McCann’s product portfolio boasts a massive range of quality precast concrete solutions ranging from drainage and water management to walling and fencing and anything in between.

The geographical spread of their twelve modern precast manufacturing plants, coupled with their ability to deliver to their clients’ specifications on major projects across the UK and Ireland, has established FP McCann as a valuable and reliable partner.

At FP McCann, they can customise solutions to ensure they create maximum value for your project, accommodating your site conditions, design requirements and construction needs. The attention to detail and focus on creating customised solutions for customers that are unique is part of the values we pride ourselves on, too.

Customising solutions

The customised solution we created for FP McCann started in October when we were tasked with moving pre cast concrete from the North West & Grantham to a new office block in Guernsey, utilising our Accelerate solution.

The solution created meant that we would keep 6 fully loaded trailers in Guernsey in a storage area, take a fully loaded trailer to the office building site, empty the trailers on the site and then ship the double stacked empty trailer back to the UK and re-load to keep the project running.

The creativity of the Baxter Freight team utilised local connections to hire a shunter driver to make the final delivery of the trailers to the office site. 

Overcoming challenges

There was a few challenges faced during this project. One was the UK weather during October and November. The extreme conditions faced at the time meant that there was only 2 sailings a day to Guernsey but due to the size of the cargo we were only able to load onto the second sailing. These were prioritised for perishables meaning we had to store trailers in the UK until we were able to sail to Guernsey.

Once able to sail, the trailers were prioritised in the order the project needed them. As the cargo was precast concrete, it needed to be delivered in the order the office block was being built. The most urgent trailers got sent first and the project was able to proceed without too much of a hitch.

The other main challenge was the out of gauge (OOG) items we were moving. Due to the experience of regularly moving OOG items, undertaking detailed scoping and planning activities is by far the most important action. Due to the items being wide loads – escorts to site were required. To minimise escort costs, all of the OOG items were not held in storage but all moved together directly to the site, easing the stress on local authorities but also providing cost savings.

Using our

The expertise and experience we’ve built over time enabled Baxter Freight to be able to provide a bespoke solution for FP McCann that enabled them to complete the office block in Guernsey with only the weather stalling proceedings.

Moving items that are out of gauge can be a complex undertaking; our Accelerate Team are always on hand to offer expertise!

Erin White – FP McCann’s Account Manager
Erin is the dedicated account manager who assists FP McCann with any requests they have – no matter how big or small. She is there to answer any queries and provide updates on the shipments. If you would like to know more about the movements of FP McCann- please contact Erin today!

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