Airborne needed a logistics partner to assist them with moving heavy-duty and complex pieces of equipment.

Our Accelerate Team were on hand to assist them with the out-of-gauge movements.

  • Solution: Accelerate
  • Product: High-end composite manufacturing

Complex solutions for complex machinery

The world of composites and manufacturing involves some pretty heavy machinery. Manufacturing goods for the aerospace industry, advanced air mobility and maritime and offshore industry requires complex machinery. Airborne can handle the whole manufacturing process in-house for their customers.

Airborne is a company that constantly pushes the boundaries in composites, challenges the status quo and drives advancements in technology and product development.

A composite is a material made from two or more different materials that, when combined, are stronger than those individual materials by themselves. Composites are used in a very wide range of industries including: aerospace (wings, fuselages etc), power tools, buildings, roads, bridges, applications in corrosive environments, boats, ships and many more!

When you have abnormally large machinery and you need to move it, you need a logistics provider with a network and the expertise to make shipments like these work.


Baxter Freight were very helpful throughout the unique logistics challenge that we faced. We really appreciated the agile, flexible and friendly approach they were able to take in a rapidly evolving and dynamic situation. We look forward to working with Baxter’s again in the future.

Commercial Manager



Utilising our Accelerate solution

When Airborne needed to clear a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse full of out-of-gauge or oversized cargo with a very short deadline – our Accelerate solution was the only choice.

With larger freight, you need to plan in advance. The Baxter Freight Team, with their expertise of completing out-of-gauge projects, set up the project to scope and plan the shipments.

Once a full plan had been put in place by our Accelerate Team, we were given just 3 days, on-site, to clear the warehouse. Airborne needed a provider that they could trust to not just clear the warehouse, but do it safely, securely and quickly.

In safe hands

To organise a project this complex and to such a strict time frame took Account Manager Lucy Mackie, Account Management Team Manager Ben Jeffrey & our Accelerate Team who worked tirelessly for 2 weeks to ensure that every part that needed collecting had a trailer to be on.

Permits were secured and escorts arranged so that the out-of-gauge cargo could make its way from the Airborne facility to the 3 designated delivery points. The expertise of the Accelerate Team and the account managers involved have is the reason Baxter Freight were chosen and trusted to complete such a complex task.

25 loads, 300+ tonnes of materials, most of which were over 10m long, was cleared out of the Airborne warehouse and delivered in 2 days. Accelerate Manager Izzie Limb, who’s expertise was vital to the Airborne project, was on site for both days to ensure everything went smoothly and everything was cleared successfully.

Time understanding the customers requirements, collaborating with the Accelerate experts has enabled us to deliver a complex solution for complex equipment.


Outside of this unique project Lucy is always on hand to support, guide and action our everyday complex shipping and customs needs, we couldn’t function without her and her team at Baxter Freight.

Lucy Mackie – Airborne’s Account Manager

Lucy is the dedicated Account Manager who assists Airborne with any requests they have – no matter how big or small. Lucy is there to answer any queries and provide updates on movements.

If you are looking to move goods via road and would like to know more about the movements of Airborne – please contact Lucy today!

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