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Posted 15th December 2020

Trading under a no-deal Brexit

Our Chairman highlights what WTO terms trade could look like

Our Chairman, Ian, reflects on the differences between trading in the EU and what trading could look like in 2 weeks time, if there’s a no-deal Brexit:

Ian says: ‘Over the weekend, the Prime Minister told British businesses that we need to get ready for a no-deal Brexit. Here’s a quick reminder of what that would mean. First of all, there would be tariffs on many goods, according to World Trade Organisation terms. You need to check your commodity code against the  WTO tariff, to determine what these might be. Secondly, there would be no deal around rules of origin, which means the exact origin of your goods would become of primary importance. Thirdly, things like licensing might be affected, and also, goods would need to be shipped on heat treated pallets, so that would be a thing to take into account as well. There are many other factors, please get in touch if you’d like to know more. We’re here to help you and get you through this situation – deal or no deal.’