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Interested in becoming an approved supplier?

We’re a fast growing business and want to work with partners and suppliers who have the ambition and capacity to grow with us.

Interested in becoming an approved supplier?

We want to be of value to our suppliers, offering them regular work, professional dealings and reliable payment terms. We are a relationships driven business which wants to build long term relationships based on mutual trust.

When working with suppliers, our aim is to find out how we can fulfil their needs by providing regular volume to and from a destination, reloading empty vehicles or filling empty capacity on line haul trucks.

Our customers demand excellent ontime delivery performance, that we do what we say by when we’ve agreed and that we communicate promptly if any issue arises. All we expect is for our suppliers to provide the same level of service. In return we offer you regular business opportunities, properly set expectations and an open dialogue.

We are always looking for suppliers who share the same values and ambition.

What to expect from us

When entering into any new supplier relationship, we will be upfront in agreeing what’s expected on both sides so that we can offer a great service level to our customers whilst building a strong relationship with you. As well as agreeing what equipment should be used, the collection and delivery expectation and pricing we will agree what information we’ll need about our shipments and when.

We know that cashflow matters to our suppliers, especially those which are small and medium sized businesess. Therefore, we aim to pay all suppliers on time within the terms we have agreed.

What are we looking for?

Baxter Freight is a full service logistics provider, meeting the requirements of our customers in the UK, Europe and around the world. We are always looking to build new relationships with businesses who can help us support our customers over the long-term.

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