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Market leading customs clearance

Our UK sales partnership with Gerlach Customs Services gives customers access to 750 customs experts across Europe

Did you know that every shipment between the UK and EU requires customs clearance in both the origin and destination countries? It’s vital that you’ve contacted your EU consignee or consignor to make sure they’ve organised the clearance in the EU (unless you’re shipping DDP). Our solution with Gerlach means your goods can clear using a door-to-door solution, with the same broker in the UK and EU.

EXPORTS: UK export clearance needed and EU import clearance needed

IMPORTS: EU export clearance needed and UK import clearance needed


Our sole sales partnership with Gerlach Customs Service gives us the most flexible customs solution for the UK – EU border.

Who are Gerlach?

Gerlach is the leading neutral provider of customs services in Europe. With a network of 170 offices in 27 European countries, and more than 750 customs experts, Gerlach cover the entire spectrum of customs services, from import, export and transit customs clearance to complex customs solutions, supply chain valuation and customs consulting.

We have partnered with Gerlach to ensure your goods are cleared at the most convenient point along the journey, by providing a customs broker in 170 locations.

What does this mean for you?

  • You can use one customs solution for the UK and Europe
  • Whatever happens with Brexit, your goods are in the safest, most professional hands
  • This partnership takes away any challenges or stress you may face when trying to find someone who can be your customs broker on location
  • It’s a seamless solution and you can have confidence that when it comes to the end of the Brexit transition period, your goods are in the safest hands
  • Your freight will continue to flow using one of the most prepared and well-structured Brexit solutions in the UK freight industry


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