Baxter Freight is coming to The Transport Logistics Show

David Rae

We’re going to Munich and we want to see you there!

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We’re on a mission to meet new suppliers that we can build long-term relationships with to expand our worldwide business.

At Baxter Freight we’ve built our reputation on clever transport solutions which support the growth of both our customers and suppliers – the perfect combination where everyone wins!

So all of us are so excited to get to meet with some new and existing suppliers face to face. It’s so much better to get in the same room so that we can really get to know who we’re working with.

We’ve already booked a host of meetings but we’re always on the lookout to meet new people. Working with us will be a benefit to both of our businesses so why not contact us and let’s see how we can work together. 

When & Where?

We will be at the Trade Fair Center Messe München for the full 4 days, the 9th May to the 12th May. We hope to see you there!

Check out all of the exhibiters at the event here:

Who are we on the lookout to work with?

We want to speak with any potential partner and we’re always on the lookout for new opportunities. Please don’t hesitate to speak to us if you’re in Munich as there is so much potential for us to work and grow together.


We would especially like to speak to you if you have fleet capacity in the following areas:


  • Asset based transport companies
  • FTL & LTL across Europe
  • Potentially has cross trade options
  • Out of gauge trailers e.g. mega trailers or flat beds
  • Containers for short sea
  • Intermodal options

Who’s coming to Munich:


Tom Isler

Key Accounts Manager


Olivia Hegarty

Marketing Strategist


Kristina Causer

Marketing Manager


Jamie Reid

Associate Director, European Accelerate


David Rae

Supplier Marketing Specialist