....We have now been in our new offices for six months.  The contrast between day one with eight people all known to each other and now, with a team of fifty plus diverse individuals could not be greater.

SMEs have the advantage when it comes to logistics

"It’s the SMEs that are small enough to adapt and be flexible – we can adjust and innovate at a pace far quicker than a huge global organisation.” 

That’s why you’ve got thousands upon thousands of SMEs and even one-man bands in the industry. The technology is so good now that someone can just download an app, and using GPS on their phone, can then be a part of a larger supply chain. The barriers to entry have truly come down with the industry and it’s meant small companies can pick an area or a type of product they want to specialise in and they’re away.”

Ian Baxter


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Telegraph Online, December 2015

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Posted: 21/01/16

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